Is Affiliate Marketing the New Small Business in the US

19. September 2016 Business News 0
Is Affiliate Marketing the New Small Business in the US

Ever since the great recession, I have heard the mumbles of business owners professing that small business is dead or dying in the United States. Could this be true, or is the small business climate just changing? Could it be possible that affiliate marketing is the new and growing small business in the US?

In today’s post we are going to explore the possibility that the United States economy has gone through such a radical shift that some people believe that small business is no longer a part of the economy.

We believe that this is true to an extent. As more and more small businesses close their doors and find it hard to operate in our era of red tape and over regulation, there is a new small business that is emerging and for those entrepreneurs that have seen it coming, it is a new millennia of business that has the potential to dominate the landscape.

What is this new phenomena in small business?

Affiliate marketing…

Let’s take a closer look at this business model and determine if it could very well be replacing small business as we know it in today’s economy.

What is Affiliate Marketing?What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is basically a relationship between three parties…

  • The merchant
  • The customer
  • The affiliate

The merchant sells a product or service. The customer wants to purchase the product or service and the affiliate brings the two parties together and is paid a commission if the sale is completed.

In today’s economy where the landscape is dominated by huge companies like Amazon and Walmart and many others, it is possible to get a piece of every sale by acting as an affiliate and bringing potential customers to the ultimate seller of the product.

If you can’t beat em…

Join Em!

That phrase has never been more true than it is today in the small business climate in the united States.

How Can You get Involved with Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing sounds easy enough, but there is some stiff competition as there always is for any business in the US.

The first step to getting involved in an affiliate marketing business is to get some high quality training that can help you to shorten the learning curve and begin to build an affiliate marketing business that is profitable and sustainable.

Where Can You get Affiliate Marketing Training?

So, the logical next question is “where can you get affiliate marketing training?”.

We did some extensive research and have come up with what we believe is the best solution.

Our research has led us to an online training program called Wealthy Affiliate.

We believe that Wealthy Affiliate can teach you everything that you need to know about how to start and build a successful affiliate marketing business that can replace your current small business in the US.

We have researched every Wealthy Affiliate review that we could find and we could not discover a single negative review of the program.

There were many high quality reviews of the Wealthy Affiliate program, but there were a couple that stood out above the rest.

Click here for what we believe is the best Wealthy Affiliate review that we could find.

ConclusionSmall business

Is affiliate marketing the new small business in the United States?

You be the judge.

We have all seen the pizzerias and other small businesses that used to thrive go out of business, with no other small businesses replacing them.

Maybe affiliate marketing is the wave of the future, where we give in to the big busineses and find a way to capitalize on their sales rather than fight them.

Like I said earlier…

If you can’t beat em….

Join em…