Deer Hunting is Big Business in the United States

12. November 2016 Business News 0
Deer Hunting is Big Business in the United States

There are many businesses in the United States that generate billions of dollars in revenue annually, some of these businesses are oftentimes overlooked and not given the credit that they deserve. If you live in the midwest, you undoubtedly understand that deer hunting is big business.

In today’s post, we are going to look at the economic impact of deer hunting and exactly where those dollars are coming from. The answer may surprise you.

According to, deer hunting has a $1.3 billion dollar economic impact in Wisconsin alone!

Let’s take a look at the sources of revenue related to the deer hunting industry.

Deer Hunting Sources of Revenue

  • License Sales – The obvious source of revenue for Deer Hunting comes from the sales of deer hunting licenses. According to the Fish and Wildlife Service, hunting license revenue exceeded $820,000,000 in 2015.
  • Deer Hunting Trips – Another large source of revenue generated from deer hunters. This number includes everything from outfitters and guides to motels and restaurants. Also included in this figure would be travel, whether by car or plane. This number is a hard one to pin down, but best estimates are in the $3 billion to $5 billion range.
  • Deer Hunting Equipment – This is undoubtedly the largest source of deer hunting revenue in the United States and covers every product that a deer hunter uses. This consists of firearms and bows as well as ammunition and much more. A short stroll through a local Cabelas or Bass Pro Shops will show you exactly the kind of astronomical dollars that can be spent by a deer hunter. Best estimates put this figure in the $30 billion dollar range.

If you add all of that deer hunting revenue up, it exceeds $35 billion dollars!

Yes, deer hunting is big business!

deer hunting
(Photo courtesy Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, via Flickr)

Small Businesses that are Supported By Deer Hunting

Deer hunting is big business when you look at it as a whole, but most of the businesses that are supported by the sport are small, ranging from the retailers mentioned above to mom and pop stores and one man outfitting operations.

There are also deer hunting businesses in the strangest places these days.

As we move more and more towards a society deeply invested in the internet, there are deer hunting websites popping up that are slowly replacing the magazines where we used to get our deer hunting information.

These deer hunting websites use many different ways to generate revenue, including affiliate marketing, where they review and recommend deer hunting products, like Best Deer Hunting Knife, to Google ads and other forms of advertising.

According to our friends at, the internet has leveled the playing field in the deer hunting information industry and has allowed the little guy to compete with the big publishers by simply providing better information than their larger competitors.


Deer Hunting is big business

As you can see, deer hunting is big business and deer hunting revenue is coming from places that most people would never suspect.

Thanks to the internet and the constantly evolving American businessman, small businesses are able to compete and even out produce larger businesses by using good old fashioned American ingenuity and adapting to the current times.

Not only is deer hunting big business, but it also provides outdoor recreation for millions of Americans, not to mention putting wholesome, organic food on their table.