Coffee Tea or… Matcha?

08. February 2017 Business News 0
Coffee Tea or… Matcha?

Coffee and tea are big business in the United States, but there is another drink that is quickly gaining a foothold in American society… Matcha!

What is Matcha?


Matcha is a form of green tea in which the leaves are ground into a fine powder and suspended in hot water. When you consume Matcha, you are consuming the whole leaf and therefore benefiting from the numerous antioxidants and other healthy compounds found in the Matcha green tea leaf.

According to the Matcha Connection, “What makes matcha green tea powder special lies in the method in which it is cultivated. Weeks before green tea plants are set to harvest, growers cover the plants so that the remainder of the growth cycle takes place in the shade. By preventing the direct sunlight from reaching the tea leaves, the growth slows and an increase in the production of chlorophyll begins. This in turn gives the tea leaves a deep green color and increases the amount of amino acids found in the leaves. Only the youngest leaf buds are picked, then dried, and ground into a fine powder, retaining all of their nutrient goodness. The final result being matcha green tea powder.”

How is Matcha Prepared?

Matcha is prepared in a bowl rather than a cup and should be consumed quickly, as it is more of an emulsion than a tea. The particles are suspended in the hot water and if left too long, the tea can separate.

The traditional way to prepare matcha is to add a teaspoon or two of Matcha green tea powder to a bowl and add hot water while whisking vigorously with a bamboo whisk.

There have been many variations to this and today Matcha is consumed in many different ways. Including matcha cakes and cookies, matcha latte, and many other ways.

Matcha Continues to Grow in Popularity

Matcha sales in the United States reportedly grew at an incredible 54.9% in 2014 and sales are expected to increase 25% per year in 2015-2018.

While the sales are not yet reaching the enormity of coffee and regular tea, they are surely enough to catch the attention of investors and other business interests.

Even though Matcha has been around for centuries in Japan and China, it is relatively new in the U.S. and that equates to opportunity for savvy business people.



There is no doubt that Matcha is big business and is here to stay.

If you are interested in profiting from Matcha, now would be a good time to do some research and get in on the ground floor of this amazing little tea leaf.

A good start would be to head on over to Amazon and buy some Matcha and you too can begin to ride the Matcha wave!


Deer Hunting is Big Business in the United States

12. November 2016 Business News 0
Deer Hunting is Big Business in the United States

There are many businesses in the United States that generate billions of dollars in revenue annually, some of these businesses are oftentimes overlooked and not given the credit that they deserve. If you live in the midwest, you undoubtedly understand that deer hunting is big business.

In today’s post, we are going to look at the economic impact of deer hunting and exactly where those dollars are coming from. The answer may surprise you.

According to, deer hunting has a $1.3 billion dollar economic impact in Wisconsin alone!

Let’s take a look at the sources of revenue related to the deer hunting industry.

Deer Hunting Sources of Revenue

  • License Sales – The obvious source of revenue for Deer Hunting comes from the sales of deer hunting licenses. According to the Fish and Wildlife Service, hunting license revenue exceeded $820,000,000 in 2015.
  • Deer Hunting Trips – Another large source of revenue generated from deer hunters. This number includes everything from outfitters and guides to motels and restaurants. Also included in this figure would be travel, whether by car or plane. This number is a hard one to pin down, but best estimates are in the $3 billion to $5 billion range.
  • Deer Hunting Equipment – This is undoubtedly the largest source of deer hunting revenue in the United States and covers every product that a deer hunter uses. This consists of firearms and bows as well as ammunition and much more. A short stroll through a local Cabelas or Bass Pro Shops will show you exactly the kind of astronomical dollars that can be spent by a deer hunter. Best estimates put this figure in the $30 billion dollar range.

If you add all of that deer hunting revenue up, it exceeds $35 billion dollars!

Yes, deer hunting is big business!

deer hunting
(Photo courtesy Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, via Flickr)

Small Businesses that are Supported By Deer Hunting

Deer hunting is big business when you look at it as a whole, but most of the businesses that are supported by the sport are small, ranging from the retailers mentioned above to mom and pop stores and one man outfitting operations.

There are also deer hunting businesses in the strangest places these days.

As we move more and more towards a society deeply invested in the internet, there are deer hunting websites popping up that are slowly replacing the magazines where we used to get our deer hunting information.

These deer hunting websites use many different ways to generate revenue, including affiliate marketing, where they review and recommend deer hunting products, like Best Deer Hunting Knife, to Google ads and other forms of advertising.

According to our friends at, the internet has leveled the playing field in the deer hunting information industry and has allowed the little guy to compete with the big publishers by simply providing better information than their larger competitors.


Deer Hunting is big business

As you can see, deer hunting is big business and deer hunting revenue is coming from places that most people would never suspect.

Thanks to the internet and the constantly evolving American businessman, small businesses are able to compete and even out produce larger businesses by using good old fashioned American ingenuity and adapting to the current times.

Not only is deer hunting big business, but it also provides outdoor recreation for millions of Americans, not to mention putting wholesome, organic food on their table.

Is Affiliate Marketing the New Small Business in the US

19. September 2016 Business News 0
Is Affiliate Marketing the New Small Business in the US

Ever since the great recession, I have heard the mumbles of business owners professing that small business is dead or dying in the United States. Could this be true, or is the small business climate just changing? Could it be possible that affiliate marketing is the new and growing small business in the US?

In today’s post we are going to explore the possibility that the United States economy has gone through such a radical shift that some people believe that small business is no longer a part of the economy.

We believe that this is true to an extent. As more and more small businesses close their doors and find it hard to operate in our era of red tape and over regulation, there is a new small business that is emerging and for those entrepreneurs that have seen it coming, it is a new millennia of business that has the potential to dominate the landscape.

What is this new phenomena in small business?

Affiliate marketing…

Let’s take a closer look at this business model and determine if it could very well be replacing small business as we know it in today’s economy.

What is Affiliate Marketing?What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is basically a relationship between three parties…

  • The merchant
  • The customer
  • The affiliate

The merchant sells a product or service. The customer wants to purchase the product or service and the affiliate brings the two parties together and is paid a commission if the sale is completed.

In today’s economy where the landscape is dominated by huge companies like Amazon and Walmart and many others, it is possible to get a piece of every sale by acting as an affiliate and bringing potential customers to the ultimate seller of the product.

If you can’t beat em…

Join Em!

That phrase has never been more true than it is today in the small business climate in the united States.

How Can You get Involved with Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing sounds easy enough, but there is some stiff competition as there always is for any business in the US.

The first step to getting involved in an affiliate marketing business is to get some high quality training that can help you to shorten the learning curve and begin to build an affiliate marketing business that is profitable and sustainable.

Where Can You get Affiliate Marketing Training?

So, the logical next question is “where can you get affiliate marketing training?”.

We did some extensive research and have come up with what we believe is the best solution.

Our research has led us to an online training program called Wealthy Affiliate.

We believe that Wealthy Affiliate can teach you everything that you need to know about how to start and build a successful affiliate marketing business that can replace your current small business in the US.

We have researched every Wealthy Affiliate review that we could find and we could not discover a single negative review of the program.

There were many high quality reviews of the Wealthy Affiliate program, but there were a couple that stood out above the rest.

Click here for what we believe is the best Wealthy Affiliate review that we could find.

ConclusionSmall business

Is affiliate marketing the new small business in the United States?

You be the judge.

We have all seen the pizzerias and other small businesses that used to thrive go out of business, with no other small businesses replacing them.

Maybe affiliate marketing is the wave of the future, where we give in to the big busineses and find a way to capitalize on their sales rather than fight them.

Like I said earlier…

If you can’t beat em….

Join em…

Apple Does it Again! – Introducing Iphone 7 with No Headphone Jack

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Apple Does it Again! – Introducing Iphone 7 with No Headphone Jack

Apple has done it again. They managed to stage another marketing uproar with the introduction of the Iphone 7.

Apple continues to exude marketing genius as they add features to their products that create a problem while simultaneously releasing other products that provide a solution.

Let me explain…

One of the newest features of the Iphone 7 and the one that is getting all of the buzz is the fact that there is no headphone jack included on this newest edition of Apple’s flagship product.

As any marketing expert will tell you, the fastest way to profits is to provide a solution to a problem that your market is having. Well Apple has taken that a step further, by creating a problem for their market!

No headphone jack… Now what am I going to do?

Apple has graciously solved your problem by offering a wireless set of headphones that will allow you to listen to all of your music and anything else that comes out of your Iphone 7 in the privacy of your own head.

Of course, the privilege of using these new headphones with your Iphone 7 will only set you back $159. But at least they will solve the problem created by your $650 new phone.


Why Did Apple Eliminate the Headphone Jack on Iphone 7?

Apple claims that the reason they have eliminated the headphone jack is in line with their consistent efforts to make the Iphone thinner, simpler and more reliable.

Here are some of the advantages of Iphone 7 having no headphone jack…

  • It allows for a slimmer and lighter design.
  • It could allow more room for  extended battery life.
  • It helps Apple move toward a more water resistant Iphone in order to compete with Android.

Other New Features on The Iphone 7

Apple has introduced some other new features on the new Iphone , However I refrain from calling them improvements just yet.

  • Increased water resistance thanks to eliminating the headphone jack.
  • Dual Camera System.
  • Stereo Speakers.
  • Dark Black Color Added.
  • Eliminated Home Button in Exchange for Touch Sensitive Similar to Mac’s Trackpad.
  • Screen is 25% Brighter.


Apple is Pure Marketing Genius with Their Introduction of the New Iphone 7

In the coming months, Apple is going to sell millions of Iphone 7’s and as they do, their customers are going to be searching feverishly for all of the new products that they need to use the new Iphone 7 features.

So on top of the massive sales that the Iphone 7 will produce, it will also be responsible for millions more in ancillary sales so that users can have the full Iphone  experience.

Once again, Apple’s team of marketing experts have proven to be pure genius by creating a problem in their market and then offering products to solve the problem. They have also taken a step further by actually creating a problem that in turn creates a whole to market!

If you are so inclined, you can visit to get your new Iphone.


Will the Syngenta Deal Endanger the Future of Agriculture in the United States

Will the Syngenta Deal Endanger the Future of Agriculture in the United States

In case you have been living under a rock the past few weeks, we thought we would explore what the Syngenta deal could mean for the future and safety of American agriculture.

ChemChina has offered more than $43 billion dollars for the pesticide and seed producing giant Syngenta, which could put the safety and security of American food sources into Chinese hands.

According to the New York Times,

“The state-owned China National Chemical Corporation said on Monday that it had received clearance from a regulator in the United States for its $43 billion acquisition of Syngenta, a giant in farm chemicals and seeds.

The approval by the regulator, the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, removed one of the biggest potential challenges to the deal, as the interagency body had previously proved to be an obstacle for cross-border agreements involving Chinese companies.”

agricultural seedsHow could any agency think that it is a good idea to put a Chinese state owned company at the forefront of the safety and future of American agriculture?

Apparently U.S. lawmakers don’t think it is a very good idea and they are planning hearings to look at the consequences of these large agricultural mergers and exactly what can be done to stop them.

As members of the American public that rely on the agriculture produced by farmers using Syngenta products, we can only hope that cooler heads prevail and the Syngenta deal is stopped before any damage can be done.

If you look at the large corporations that dominate the agricultural landscape in the United States today, you will begin to see a similarity to the major banks that controlled the financial markets in the U.S.. Did we learn nothing in the great recession as our financial house crumbled beneath us?

Think about the similarities and what could possible happen if our agricultural house crumbled. Imagine, if instead of a financial crisis, we had a food crisis. It is time for diversification in all of our major economies so that there is never again a business that is “too big to fail”. How have we  not learned this lesson yet?

What can you do?

What Can I do?

Reach out to your Congressman and Senators and let them know that you oppose the Chinese government controlling a large portion of our food supply and safety. Tell the that you want them to fight the Syngenta deal because it could be harmful to the American people.

Tell them that you want the control of American agricultural and American food to be in the hands of Americans. Enough with the global economy already. It is time to stop giving away our sovereignty and focus on protecting and providing for the American people.

ConclusionFuture of American agriculture

How could anyone think that it would be beneficial to our country to have the Chinese government effectively controlling a large portion of our agriculture and food production resources? You must get involved and do your part to stop the Syngenta deal and keep the control of our agriculture and food production here in the United States. Let’s diversify these companies, so that if something happens to one of them, it is not a catastrophic failure that will take years of suffering and difficult corrections to cure.