Apple Does it Again! – Introducing Iphone 7 with No Headphone Jack

08. September 2016 Business News 0
Apple Does it Again! – Introducing Iphone 7 with No Headphone Jack

Apple has done it again. They managed to stage another marketing uproar with the introduction of the Iphone 7.

Apple continues to exude marketing genius as they add features to their products that create a problem while simultaneously releasing other products that provide a solution.

Let me explain…

One of the newest features of the Iphone 7 and the one that is getting all of the buzz is the fact that there is no headphone jack included on this newest edition of Apple’s flagship product.

As any marketing expert will tell you, the fastest way to profits is to provide a solution to a problem that your market is having. Well Apple has taken that a step further, by creating a problem for their market!

No headphone jack… Now what am I going to do?

Apple has graciously solved your problem by offering a wireless set of headphones that will allow you to listen to all of your music and anything else that comes out of your Iphone 7 in the privacy of your own head.

Of course, the privilege of using these new headphones with your Iphone 7 will only set you back $159. But at least they will solve the problem created by your $650 new phone.


Why Did Apple Eliminate the Headphone Jack on Iphone 7?

Apple claims that the reason they have eliminated the headphone jack is in line with their consistent efforts to make the Iphone thinner, simpler and more reliable.

Here are some of the advantages of Iphone 7 having no headphone jack…

  • It allows for a slimmer and lighter design.
  • It could allow more room for  extended battery life.
  • It helps Apple move toward a more water resistant Iphone in order to compete with Android.

Other New Features on The Iphone 7

Apple has introduced some other new features on the new Iphone , However I refrain from calling them improvements just yet.

  • Increased water resistance thanks to eliminating the headphone jack.
  • Dual Camera System.
  • Stereo Speakers.
  • Dark Black Color Added.
  • Eliminated Home Button in Exchange for Touch Sensitive Similar to Mac’s Trackpad.
  • Screen is 25% Brighter.


Apple is Pure Marketing Genius with Their Introduction of the New Iphone 7

In the coming months, Apple is going to sell millions of Iphone 7’s and as they do, their customers are going to be searching feverishly for all of the new products that they need to use the new Iphone 7 features.

So on top of the massive sales that the Iphone 7 will produce, it will also be responsible for millions more in ancillary sales so that users can have the full Iphone  experience.

Once again, Apple’s team of marketing experts have proven to be pure genius by creating a problem in their market and then offering products to solve the problem. They have also taken a step further by actually creating a problem that in turn creates a whole to market!

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